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About Us


Impress Factory accompany you in your printing projects to transform your ideas into a final product. We are solution makers, we manage your projects to come true, at the best price, the best quality, and with a delivery at the right time for you. Whatever the product, there is always a solution partner. When you want it, you get it.


Impress Factory provides complete and honest services by finding any possible solution and/or alternatives that can be done according to what can be imaginable and beautiful, what can be technically doable according to the product and machines, what can be workable in terms of time and communication planning, and the feasible budget and price that you hold in your hands. Our strong ability is to be humble and work in synergy with quality players, the best in their field.

Why Choose Us?


 With our long experience in the printing sector, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge in the techniques and processes to provide recommendations to the clients, and advise you with full transparency, emphasizing the trust between our valued customers and ourselves, as trust is the key to success.


 For us, it's all about helping you get the results you deserve. We build very strong relationships with our customers, since we know that you rely on our eyes during the production process and need to have full trust and loyalty in us. We give extreme care to every detail and aspect that goes into each and every project, providing details and feedback to make sure that each product is made to perfection


 Your contacts are leaders. Everything is meticulously collected by the same person and managed through all departments. In this way the value chain is completely mastered and we tend to the 0 mistake.

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